Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Monday, January 6th, 2014


So, I have had a lot of feedback about the last blog post. Yeah.... Kinda a big bummer, but I needed to explain where I have been. I guess, since we have several new followers I will explain "Namaste!" Namaste is a greeting used in the Asian sub-contenint with the meaning of "Peace be with you!" What have I done over the last several days?? Well, I rode, ran and did core Thursday & Friday.

Friday night one of my dearest friends and her husband took me to dinner at my favorite restaurant. Stella is my go to spot. Great food, and great ambiance! We had a great time, and I am thankful that Jodi and Alan are such a big part of my life! Jodi was one of the most supportive people who helped me through my weight loss journey.

Saturday was a crazy day. It was my birthday and I wanted to do something big! I was at the YMCA at 6:45, so I could get a lane in the pool. I transitioned onto the bike for 10 miles and then did a 5K on the treadmill. When I get that done there is such an endorphin rush that I am on cloud nine! I had breakfast with Sherrie and Trey and then I came home. Friday was my little friend Caroline's birthday, so I took her a small gift and hung out with her for a bit before heading to meet my friend Nathan Tull in Jones for my next adventure. Nathan is a professional bull rider, and I have always wanted to get on a bull! We met at a little restaurant and then headed to the arena. The hardest part was getting the bulls in the chutes! My first bull's name was Spartacus! He was a huge white beast. I don't think he like me very much! I stayed on for a couple seconds before being thrown a mile in the air! I landed rather softly and jumped right up! My second bulls name was baby.... He was anything but a baby. He tried to throw me in the chute. When the gate opened he went verticle. We landed and he spun on me. I went off the left shoulder and landed on my head and surgically repaired shoulder. I was dazed and confused, until Baby came back and hooked me on the ground. He rolled me pretty good, I was pretty much still trying to get my bearings! The guys got me up and out of the arena. I have to tell you that was exhillirating! Once my head had cleared I loaded up and came to the house. I had dinner plans with one of my best friends. I didn't know what the plans were but knew it would be fun. We ended up at KD's and reservations were behind by 45 minutes. We sat at the bar and watched the game before getting our table. Dinner was wonderful. I had crab stuffed catfish. It was too dang cold to do much else, so I headed home. Sunday morning was church and nursing my VERY sore body. I took a very long nap, before hitting the store and cooking dinner. There was no exercise due to my agony; However, I knocked bull riding off the bucket list. This is going to be a very busy week, but there will be exercise everyday! I was invited to hike the Incan Trail to Machu Picu.... Still waiting on details but I am extremly interested in making this a fundraiser for Mat's Quest!

Love you all!


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