Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday, April 8th, 2013


Well it has been well over a month since I have written. I have been quite busy with work, and getting my act together. I made a conscience decision about three weeks ago to go hardcore and get my butt back in shape! I started eating right with no exceptions, and getting some sort of exercise EVERYDAY! I don't care what it is but getting active is the key to success. In addition to getting active you MUST find an accountability partner. I am Thai boxing/Jui Jit Su on Tuesdays and Thursdays and running at least twice a week. In the last three weeks I am down 35 pounds and I am wearing clothes that have not been out of the closet in well over a year. I have a little swagger back. In addition to that I have been taking supplements and I have more definition and lean muscle mass than ever. I have been contemplating another trip to Nepal, but I am afraid that if I go again, I may never come back! Work has been crazy. We have had record census and revenue for five straight months. I have two new admission coordinators and two new liaisons. Training is on-going and I can't wait until everyone is well versed and able to handle the show on their own. A couple weeks ago I took a couple days off and spent one day shopping in Tulsa and one day at the lake. It was nice to get away for a couple days and I am looking at doing something this weekend. Either Dallas, Tulsa, or Mount Scott. I ran in the Redbud Classic yesterday with a good friend of mine. We did not set any records, but we had a blast! I was playing air drums the whole way! The Memorial Marathon is just a couple weeks away! Gonna continue training!

Love you all!


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