Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013


How's everybody doing? I've been well, for the most part. Feeling a little beat up this morning, but love the pain. I am now helping my buddy Mike Giroux teach MMA twice a week. Last night we had one of our ex-pro fighters come in and teach some ground game... He tore me up! I loved every minute of it. Work has been good. I promoted my assistant, and have been looking at bringing someone in. I interviewed one young lady so far, but I have 25 more resumes to go through. Jordan came up for dinner Sunday night... I guess she is moving to Seattle in May. Everyone I tell, ask me how I feel about that??? Frankly I think it's gonna suck, but I am excited for her, and now I have somewhere to stay in the northwest! It will be a good spot to go into Alaska or up into Canada for some big boy play! (McKinley, Rainier and Hood) Trey has been busy with school. He has hours, and hours of homework every night. When he complains about it I tell him it was his choice to take FOUR AP classes, Spanish two and Orchestra! Sherrie only has a couple more months of school. She just finished rotations at Children's Hospital, and is at Deaconess again in the Cardiac Cath Lab. It looks like her final rotation will be at Spine Hospital. That is where she would really like to work, and that would be the best for our family. It is just a couple miles away, and they have a very liberal schedule. I have been ask to participate in the Edmond Fine Arts Spring Sampler again this year.... I feel honored when I am ask. I will print and frame two images and they will go in the show and auction to raise funds for the arts here in Edmond. I sent four images for them to choose from... I will post them above.

Love you all!


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