Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013


Good morning..... It's been about three weeks since I've been here. Life sometimes gets really busy! I generally get up at 5:10 and get cleaned up, before opening email and responding. Between getting that started, fixing Trey's lunch and taking care of the dog...... It's already time for work. I take a different way to work everyday... I usually don't take my camera this time of year, because everything is just kinda blah. I have been helping my buddy Mike Giroux teach Muay Thai on Tuesday nights. I have really enjoyed getting back in the gym, and getting kicked in the head. It makes me smile. I can tell you that in all of the different exercise programs I have done, fighting is by far the best workout. I don't know what endorphins are released while fighting, but what I do know, is if you want to get your cardio up in a short period call me and I will help with that. I started riding my bike again. Saturday when I rode it was 22 degrees..... Yeah.... My fingernails were navy blue when I got back. I was wearing gloves but they didn't help much. Good thing was there was no wind! I ran Sunday evening.... It sucked!!!!! I hate running! I don't know how anyone derives pleasure out of it, and it always causes great pain in my low back. I may find a gym to join so I would have access to an elliptical trainer. I have been shopping for a spin bike. I have found a couple that I really like, but I just haven't pulled the trigger.

Work has been GREAT! My building is full, and has been for three months. Does it have anything to do with me????? NOPE! It's the team we have put together! We are small but awesome! Two record months of revenue, and January will be the third!

I will start writing more often! Love you all!


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